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Kayu Jabon ( Anthochepalus Cadamba ) [Aug. 3, 2010 18:58:24]

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Specification:Jabon ( Anthocephalus cadamba) is one type of wood is growing very fast and can flourish in tropical forests with an altitude of 0000-1000 m asl

Currently Jabon into the timber industry mainstay, including the plywood, because Jabon has several advantages compared with other timber plants including sengon / albizia. From the trial results that have been done, the power plant can be described Jabon from several sides, including:

stem diameter can grow around 10 cm / year
Jabon a short production period - just 4-5 years
Trunked cylinder with a very good level of alignment
Does not require trimming because the branches will fall off the growth period itself ( self purning)


growth is very fast compared with other hardwoods, including when compared with sengon ( albizia) , Jabon classified as pioneer plants sengon. It can be grown in clay, brown podzolic clay or rocky soil. So far free Jabon pests and diseases, including rust tumor that is now being attacked sengon.

Jabon stem traits and characteristics were: wood surface smooth and perpendicular direction, similar to creamy yellow meranti, stems easily peeled, dried, glued, timber free from eye defects and low susutnya.

Jabon is an easy crop to grow and develop does not require much special treatment in aquaculture.

Because the type of wood is yellowish white and without any visible fiber, then the wood is badly needed by industry Jabon plywood ( plywood) , furniture industry, pulp, fruit crate manufacturer, toys, lighters, shoes Alas, board, plywood. This has led to the marketing of wood Jabon absolutely no trouble.


Jabon cultivation will benefit a very lucrative if done seriously and correctly. Estimated in 4-5 years, 625 trees obtained from the sale of aged 4-5 years as many as 800-1000 m3 per ha. Jabon price prediction on the upcoming five-year 0.2-million Rp1 / m3. With the selling price of Rp1 0.2-million per m3 and 800 m3 of production, the turnover of the investment-Jabon reached Rp960 million per ha. Currently the price per m3 Jabon four-year-old reached Rp716.000; the age of five years, Rp837.000. If prices rose alias Jabon terkerek not Rp716.000 per m3, the turnover of cultivation Jabon ' only' Rp572.800.000.


Jabon plant to plant like gold, because the timber needs will continue to escalate, because this time the government banned the use of logs felled the forests, as a result many industries closed due to lack of wood supply, so in the foreseeable future, timber prices will increase

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Name:Mr. BANI DAN JAJANG [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:085292631645
Phone Number:+6281313612359
Address:jalan raya pangandaran, Ciherang
Banjarsari 46383, Jawa Barat
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